About Rawsome Pet Foods

Rawsome Pet Foods is a Kansas-based manufacturer of 100% human-grade raw foods and treats for dogs and cats. Rawsome was founded with the goal of improving the health, happiness, and lifespan of pets through proper species-appropriate nutrition. Rawsome products are produced using only the highest quality human-grade ingredients. All of our meats are 100% human-grade, USDA-inspected, antibiotic-free, and contain no added hormones or steroids. Our meats are all free-range and raised in the Midwest using sustainable agriculture. We take pride in only using farms that help preserve our earth for future generations. Rawsome foods are biologically appropriate for your pet, meaning that they mimic your pet's diet in the wild. Our foods are nutrient-dense and contain highly-digestible sources of nutrients and bio-available phytonutrients. Rawsome also offers a variety of sizes and kinds of frozen recreational and raw meaty bones for the heath of your pet's teeth, gums, and jaw. Rawsome believes in preserving our earth for future generations. We recycle our waste and use energy-efficient lighting and appliances for processing. We also use bio-degradable cleaners for sanitizing.